Fairchild FAN5646 'breathing' LED flasher IC kit

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Normally if you want to drive a LED so that it flashes, you either have to use a flashing LED (of which types are limited) or a external circuit. Often, the circuit will be a simple on-off flasher, and if you are driving it from a microcontroller then the micro has to stay awake just to flash the LED.

The Fairchild FAN5646 is a tiny surface mount IC, with just five pins, that needs just a single capacitor to flash a LED on and off. However, it's not a simple flash, but rather a 'breathing' type flash (the brightness ramps up, and then back down over a 2-3 second time period), as often seen in mobile phones and other gadgets. The FAN5646 controls the output current so that no LED resistors are required.

Because these ICs are so tiny (around 2 x 2mm), I decided to have them premounted on a small PCB (around 4.8 x 7.6mm) which also holds the capacitor. The PCB has input power (V+) and ground, plus LED+ and - connection points.

The new version of this kit features a circuit board 1/4 of the size of the previous kit. It is so tiny it can be placed inline with the LED leads and will be no wider than the original LED in most cases. Use it to turn any LED into a breathing LED without the need for any other components!

V+ can range from 2.7 to 5.5 volts, making this ideal for use in microcontroller systems as well as many battery powered devices.

Datasheet is here.

Note: Kit does not include LED, just PCB with premounted IC and capacitor.

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