18 pin microcontroller RGB LED kit

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This kit has a control board based on an 18 pin microcontroller (a Picaxe18A), and can have up to four small satellite boards (not included in base price) plugged into it. Each satellite board has three superflux LEDs (one each of red, green and blue).

The four boards are effectively paralleled - this allows you to have several distinct sources of light all in sequence, which is ideal for animated lighting effects in computer cases etc.

As the microcontroller does not require a separate programming board, new sequences can be uploaded from a PC in a matter of seconds, or for use inside a PC case, you could hard-wire the controller to one of the PC's serial ports so that you can change sequences without having to open the case!

The controller kit and satellite boards are sold separately, so that you only have to buy the number of satellites you need. The kit can run from any voltage source up to 6 volts.

Includes the PCB, components and instructions. No case is provided. Satellite boards are extra.

Please note: As the Picaxe 18A only has one PWM (pulse-width modulation) output, this kit is not ideal for doing fades from one colour to the next, but rather solid colours only. The 8-pin microcontroller kits will do fades and transitions much better as they have PWM outputs.

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